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Weekly Update… (:

January 5th, 2012


I hope you had a good holiday season! I quite enjoyed mine. Filled with lots of friends and family. I got to spend my New Years with all my friends which was awesome!

Anyway… lots has happened over this nice, little winter break. Before the break, we sent out my music video “Unconditional” to some anti-depression organizations to see if they would consider using it for one of their ads. Last night we got an email from the organization To Write Love on Her Arms asking if they could use my video on their national website! I was so excited to see the email! I have always liked TWOLHA and what it stood for. It really focuses on suicide and depression which is something I have dealt with in my own life and also something I feel like has been put on my heart. I am really excited to support TWOLHA with my music and feel so blessed to be able to share my own story through my music on their website.

I want to thank Greg, from a Nashville record label, that encouraged us to go national with this video.

In addition to that.. I am also starting to record my newest songs If Only, Stay, Breaking Point, My World in Poetry, Since you and Almost Girl, next week. So, quite exciting (:

Life has been entertaining trying to balance a part-time job, school work, ice hockey, and music, but God has it all figured out so I’m not too worried about it. (:

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love Jael.