You, You, You

You, You, You


Love was just a game to me

Love was just a game that I never wanted to play

until you taught me differently

I’m scared of how I feel

Because I just want you to stay

promise the distance in between us never, ever sway

This neat little thing going on


We’re looking at the same moon

as I’m lying in my bedroom

Thinking ‘bout all that could go wrong

Cause you sure as hell I felt

But you came just like a blessing

Oh, you don’t know what you’ve done

Oh, you…is where my heart belongs.

I hope that this song provokes a little smile

Cause whether we’re friends or we’re more

My life is better than it was before

You waltzed into my life

Cause if you wait, I’ll stay

And I swear that someday

I’ll find the strength to say

You are always on my mind.


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