You And Me

You & Me

Pause time

Stop and stare

You’re the only one that makes me feel noticed

Your blue eyes light the dark

You’re the only one that knows this girl’s heart

Did you know this?

Every time in July

I get the same old feeling of them butterflies

In hope of next year

Will you be here?

I wrote a song called you and me

In hopes of you buying my first CD

To hear this

Please hear this


Lets light this world on fire

Just climb a little higher

Lets fly above the seven seas

Why don’t you believe in me

And when you’re gone

I will sing this song

Everyday called You & Me

Every time you walked my way

Your eyes lit up

And beyond that deep blue

A land called fantasy

A seaside boy that didn’t talk to much

But still what’s not to love but it’s gone now

Still not wrong though


You made the dream come true 3x

Chorus 2x

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