Unconditional –probably the song that is most personal.  Not written just for another, but for myself.  I wish i had heard these words from someone else when i was alone.   I found God is the redeemer, above all else.

I ask God one more time

Why you?

In the still silence

I pray you make it through

I’ll sit in the rain

At the foot of your window

As a constant reminder

I’m never letting you go


I’d give it all

For you to see you’re beautiful

My love is unconditional

That means you don’t have to be perfect.

You can runaway

Just know I’m here

If you change your mind someday

Your fear of love is hurting not only you

The effect it has on me

And you don’t even have a clue

I wish you knew

Chorus again…


You’re beautiful 3x

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