Tyler’s Song

Tyler’s Song–for when you go on your mission.  You are one of those true friends that always accepted me.

Take the boxes off the shelf

Moving on to somewhere else

New places, new adventures

I find an old photograph

That has always made me laugh

Your smiling face beside me

The kindness in your eyes

At first took me by surprise

You’re the only boy

that would never hurt me


Write me when you get there

Know that I’m always here

A post card isn’t hard to send

Call me when you hear this

Tell me that you miss my voice

And that we’re still best friends

Remember that September

When we met each other

Nothing could be better that this

Except, that we’re still best friends.

Those were the golden days

A photo of my 15th birthday

You were the only one that showed

Time flew by and by

Four years of the summer times

All the hours spent walking in the snow

Memories, memories

Like a flashflood, I can’t bear it

But you, I will never forget


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