Since You

Since You-wrote this for my promoter in Nashville, who pitched it to Thompson square.  It was his experiment to see if i could write a song on demand, with the ideas coming from someone else, for someone else.   


I look up tryin’ to find

Your name spelled out in stars

In the sky

But all that’s there

Is the cold darkness

Of this lonely night

Just a heart broken dreamer

On a westbound train

Just try’in to get home again

Just a heart broken lover

Who’d give anything

To see your face again..


These mountains

They don’t mean a thing

And watching the sunrise

Is just not the same…

Without you.

Cause all these beautiful things

Can’t compare to your smile

Nothin’s taken my breath away….

Since you

Home reminds me of the days

We planned to skip town

And run away

Build a house with a picket fence

Oh, how things have

Changed since then

I find myself saying

It’s a miracle it lasted so long

Now I’m sitting here thinking

If home is where the heart is…

I’m not where I belong

I’m far from where I belong.


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