Save Me

 Save me


I hide behind a wall of insincerity

I cant’ deny, that the loneliness is scaring me

I am so numb to everything in reality

All I can do is sit here praying quietly


Save me from myself

And the world that I’ve been living in

Help me understand

That we breathe for an audience of One

Help me to recognize this hell

That I’ve been living in

Bring me to this place

Where I see You’re all

That I’ve been needing


I am a bird

Trapped in my own cage

I dream of a day when I can fly away

I am a girl scared to death by the time I waste

At least I’m alive, thanks to my Saviors’ grace


So I drive home alone

As I turn out the lights

I put his picture down

And maybe get some sleep

He’s the reason

The only one who has enough of me

To break my heart irreparably



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