Pretty Good At Lying

Pretty Good at Lying


I fall asleep by the phone

It’s funny cause you never call

The only summer I felt so cold

I never had something until you

Were pretty good at lying


You’ve traveled so fast and far

From what you claimed to be

Remember that night in March

You promised you’d never leave

Then again, oh

You’re pretty good at lying



Can’t you see I’ve been crying all night

You just prove to me you don’t care

If I cry or die

All you wanted was control

But I’m sorry I don’t sell my soul

Don’t pretend to be a humble man

I know you like the back of my hand

I don’t care if you can’t bear

To be near the honest and cold truth

I just believed in you.

I count the stars in the sky

Just to know I am still alive, it’s true

It’s actually true

I count the beats my heart skips

Cause around you my heart

Is flipped upside down

You were pretty good at lying



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