by Jael Johnson

I only have one regret,

In my entire life

I didn’t catch your name

When you complimented mine.

If I could send some words,

On the back of a Postcard

I’d say “Hello, Seattle”

I don’t know where to start


So what’s your name?

Where did you come from?

Oh Boy say,

Do you know what love is?

Cause I think I do

Ever since I met you.

I fell in love on that night

And I fell in love with your eyes, And I fell in love when you said “Hi, How are you?”

I’ll just take you hand

We can dance the night away Just let me catch my breath, Cause you stole it away.

Oh and your smile,

It just makes me laugh,

Cause you stole my heart

And I don’t even want it back.

Chorus 2x

Copyright 2011

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