Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise–pinky promises are the most powerful.  This one is gonna stay true


Photographs on an empty wall

make my plain white house so colorful

Boy, even taped down, your smile

still fills the room

like a million chandaliers and cheap perfume.

Your memory stayed to hold my hand

through winter days

…..It’s wonderful

You don’t know who i am

so i don’t have to try

and make you understand

i don’t have to give the reasons why

to what the world asks everyday

All i have to do

All i’ve got to say Is,

….it’s wonderful


Darling, i know we’re scared

Please don’t worry

Cause I’m so insecure, too

But you’ve taught me what’s worth risking

And in the midst of all these ‘firsts’

I honestly, wanna be your last

I’ll never let you go

…..I pinky promise.

                                                                          Jael Johnson 4/2012

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