Old Feelings Die Slow

Old Feelings Die Slow


I haven’t seen you lately

But you’ve been on my mind

I miss you, boy

I haven’t seen you lately

But I haven’t forgotten your eyes

That seem to see right through me

After all this time

I still get butterflies

As we say hello

And you walk by

Melt my soul, with your brown eyes



Dancing tonight

Remembering through the beautiful silence

I know it’s been a while

Ha, I’m not smiling for no reason

Waiting for this moment

No intention of me leaving, no

I haven’t fallen for you since

December of last season

But old feelings, tend to die slow


If I could write you a letter

I’d say dear, I had a great time

But, I wish you could just read my mind

And that, I wanna write you

A love song

So I could play in on repeat

Maybe it’d make me feel

Like you were here with me

And maybe the courage to say

All the things I never could to you





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