Last Fall

Last Fall


I think I went quite crazy

at that time last fall

I was wading in the deep end

Quite a close call

You got everything you wanted

You wore my heart on your sleeve

I never comprehended

The mess that we would leave



I’m staring out the window

I’m staring at the door

I’m staring at the letter you wrote

Questioning what love is for

I don’t blame this on you

I don’t blame me

I love you all the same

But a formal goodbye

Is what we should do


I think I lost my marbles

As they scattered across the floor

So lost in love

We forgot what we’re fighting for

I was told at the end of every rainbow

Lies a pot of gold

But I can’t waste my whole life

Chasing metal

That the lepricons stole


I have a cold shoulder

This has been the death of me

And silence, is my only remedy

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