Kingston                                       Jael Johnson 9/2013

Oh, Oh, yeah….
Pews and pulpits were my prison
brought from straight religion
raise my glass to some better years,
Cause sixteen was no fun
when you’re the only one
working hard till your time is here
Oh sleepin in my car
like working towards the spotlight
another dollar another day
till my bill is paid
Isn’t it fun, yeah
striving in the cruel world
Isn’t it fun, yeah
When you’re not daddys’ little girl
Oh, isn’t it fun, yeah
fittin five in that one bedroom apartment
Oh isn’t it fun
When that game just leaves you heartless
Oh, isn’t it fun.
Burn out the motivation
gave me revelation
work myself to death’s, my fate
fame and fortune were my riches
Mr. money calls me Mrs.
I reside in the treasure state.
Oh, still at the bottom
but, you never see me stopping
dream of five star dining from dollar ramen.
Chorus x 2

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