If Only

If Only


If only, we knew that

Our love was so fragile

If only, we caught ourselves

From falling

It would prevent our broken smiles


If only, I saw that

A penny for my thoughts

Won’t take them away

If only, I had realized

There was nothing I could do to make you stay


Theres a first time for everything

A first for falling in love

And breaking your own heart

A first for wasting your time

Dreaming, wishing on your useless falling stars

A first for realizing with every broken heart

It becomes a part of who we are

….a deeper scar


If only, I realized you’re the last

Thing I wanted, but to lose

If only, I had thought that

Like the last girl, I was replaceable too

I wish that I could take back

Those careless words I had to say

I sit here in my regret

Trying so hard not to walk away




A First for goodbyes and teary eyes

And lies saying that I’m alright

A first for memories

And broken honesty

And a moment where forever becomes a lie

It comes with time….time


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