Ice And Fire

 Ice and Fire

December flies on by

This still engraved in my mind

The grey clouds cast

But I’ve learned this too shall pass

All you can do is cry

I can’t look back

I’m afraid the dam will break

And the tears will never end

Never end

Yet it’s only my broken heart

It will be restored again

Restored again




God, help me to love

God, help me to love him

I’ve tried to fight

Through all the battles

I never win

Lord, help me to pray

For him every day

To wish he is well

And pray he is safe

Take away this hate



I just live day by day

Without a heart

Yeah, he took that too

And put it in a jar

I live in a paradise

Between love and hate

I contradict my heart

By my faith

The world’s on my shoulders

And walking on a wire

Balancing between

ice and fire




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