Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock–have you even wondered about someone and what they may be to you in the future?  

Wondering, hoping, dreaming that you are the one…

Grandfather clock welcomes me with open hands,
’cause precious time is on love’s side.
When you’re as young as i am,
I’ll be waiting on forever
till you say your silly words
i’ll be the eavesdropper
until ‘I love you’ is heard.

I don’t need the shiney things
I don’t need the pretty things
I just need the plain and simple truth
I don’t need the perfect one
’cause when itsall said and done,
…all i need is you.
Be the boy who stands at my door
in the rain
Be the boy who is perfectly insane
Unlike all the other girls you saw
I’ll be the one who takes you as you are.



February 2012

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