Golden Years (for Stonewall)

Golden Years (for Stonewall)-we were really weird kids.  You were my companion through those homeschool years.  Memories.


Taking these boxes off the shelf

Reminded my self

Found an old tape entitled

“homeschooled radio idol”

It was us, just laughing

Oh, we were so, so happy then


And those are the days

I’ll always remember

Sitting here right now

Six years later

You turned out to be

Someone greater

Than I ever expected….

It’s a typical brother and sister

I knew you had my back

When you saved my life

We always played in the backyard

You always gave my games a try

Now you hide my tears

From the crowd when I’m trying not to cry


All these years, all these years.

Thank you my brother, thank you

Taking those boxes off the shelf

I reminded myself…..

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