Glass Half Empty

Glass Half Empty


I stand alone

In a crowded room

Ignorance fills the air

Like a cheap perfume


To tell you the truth

I’m sick of the black cloud over my head

Condensed with cheap words

its raining regrets


So world…

Pour me a glass half empty

And toast to my self pity point of view

Don’t give me your condescending I’m sorry

I get enough apathy from you


Where’s the silver lining

It’s so hard to tell

I just toss another coin

in my wishing well


I look in the mirror

All I see

Is my past mistakes

Tattooed on me




My secret is

I just want to feel love

Cause your half hearted flattery

Just isn’t enough


A penny for my thoughts

I spend a dollar a day

Wishing I could undo

The things I couldn’t say



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