Looking Down


Looking Down–for  Tanner, don’t look down.  Keep your head held high.


I don’t know what you’re thinking about

With that look upon your face

But even if you’re looking down

I’ll try to make the sun come out

I will make you smile

Even if it only lasts for awhile

I’ll try to change your mind

Just to make you feel better inside


Cause even if you’re falling

I’ll be there to catch you

And when the world is throwing

Everything to get the best of you

Just to let you know

You got so much in store

I could paint a picture

Which is worth a thousand words

But I wrote a song for you

Which is worth a million more

Reflecting on this past year

Look how far we made it my dear friend

This cannot be broken

A brand new start I’m hoping

Chorus: 2x

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