Euphoria 6/2014 Jael Johnson Music/ Jael Johnson Publishing
His tongue drips with silver
Everything he touches turns to gold
Dollar sign eyes, money on his mind
cause that’s all he knows.

I’ll take you down
you’ll be caught in my crossfire
Put you on a level like super nintendo
I’ll get you high
Oh I’ll be, I’ll be your morphine, morphine drip
Euphoria, Oh I’ll make you lose your grip
I’ll make you believe in love again, oh…
I’ll be, I’ll be, I’ll be your highest high
I’m the queen of hearts
You can still wear your crown
You’ll kick, you’ll bite
you’ll feel my vibe, and you’ll step down

I’ll take you down a field trip to the cript
Sprinkle holy water waste deep
at the alter, Lord forgive this addict
Chorus x2


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