Dear Brother

Dear Brother–Jed, you left home before i turned 2.  I want to know you.  It would make my life so much better.


Dear brother, I miss you

It’s been quite sometime

We can’t deny

Our relationships’ faulty

Worn out by time

You don’t even know me

Except my name

You haven’t been with me through this storm

You know family’s just not a name

Maybe I’m the one to blame


Absence never made my heart grow stronger

It only made it go cold

I don’t want to go my whole life

Not knowing who you are

Because I’m getting old

The only thing I have

Is the boy in my pictures

Who didn’t choose to stay

But this is to the boy in Alaska

I hope it’s not too late to say

I love you more than you could know

I know you’ve been concerned

I’d be concerned too

I bet you didn’t know

One of my biggest fears

Is that I would let you down

Dear brother, you left a hole in my heart

I never could fill

And I don’t know how


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