Almost Girl

 Almost Girl

We can’t look for someone perfect, and we can’t be that perfect someone.  But to be told that….hurts.


I walk away, cause I can’t say

How I feel

When you’re near

Another time, another place

We’ll say what we need to say

Just not here

You don’t know what I know

How you feel about you and me

You don’t know how I feel

…can’t be without you,

but naturally…


You’ll figure out that I’m not perfect

You’ll figure out that

Chasing me isn’t worth it

You’ll figure out that

There’s seven billion people in this world

…but I’m right here

playing your ‘almost girl’…

yeh, I’m right here.

Your ‘almost girl’.

Hear the words I’m trying to say

I’m speaking to you

Between the lines

Within the margins,

It’s all in front of you.

You’ll lose heart

Way too quick

Just take a moment to get over me

To get over this…


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