All You Know

  All You Know-sometimes on the outside, a person can look all put together…while on the inside they are dying.  Maybe all you know is what you perceive, without taking the time to care for people.   Take time.


You wouldn’t believe

It breaks my heart

To see these old photographs

And that I fall apart

…every time

I take a look back

On my floor thinking

Maybe they were right

About me

That the little girl

Would never live up

To what she’s expected to be

Just trying to live up

To what’s expected of me


Behind every song

Is a breaking of a heart

Behind every line

Is the little girl afraid of the dark

Behind all this music

Is me falling apart alone

Behind all this music

Is a girl never known


All my music is all you know.

All the nights

Crying alone

Begging God

To take me home

All the tears I’ve shed

Behind the veil of words

I’ve left unsaid

I’d take a miracle

so the world could know.


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