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So much to say.

I have been really busy with my music lately. A lot of traveling and playing. I have had the privledge of being able to hang out with the band “The Exchange” at a few of their concerts which has been amazingly fun. I have been able to take notes on performance and stage presence. It has been really awesome getting to know the band. They are wonderful and you should go check them out on Facebook! (:

I also have been working on and editing, some of my songs to get them ready for my recording in the studio in May. My kickstarter goal was reached and we have enough money to do the recording which has been such a blessing. I am so excited to start this amazing process and see my songs really come together!

I just want to thank all the people who gave money to be able to get the first two songs recorded! It means so much to me (:

Love Jael.




New Starts & Happy Hearts.

Spring is near.

I always see Spring as a new beginning; new things seem to happen in my life. I love this time of year. As the days get longer, opportunities arise and somewhere in my heart I find hope for something better coming along. A heart that has been glazed over by the winter frost ,coming alive again with happiness.

Music. It’s going good. Almost done with the fundraiser and still praying for miracle for the rest of our funds to come through.  I am so stoked for being able to record and produce my songs! It is awesome to see my songs become something more, and see all the little pieces come together to create something beautiful. I hope you will consider being apart of this wonderful adventure and donate. (:

Thanks again to all who have donated to my music and encourage me in this journey. It really means the world to me. (:

Love Jael.



PS-donation options are under the “events/store”  tab.



What a place to be.

I have spent my week meeting with producers, talking to them about doing a single song and also have been meeting new friends and such. (:

It has been so much fun to just come and see the music culture in this artistic rich city. It really has been wonderful. I have always enjoyed the artsy feel to the Seattle area and also to be able to be by the water.

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to all of the people who have and are currently supporting my music. It honestly means the world to me to have such an amazing support system not only to encourage me, but also constantly remind me the place that I have come from and to keep me grounded in who I am. (:

Thanks a million.

Love, Jael.

Fundraising Update. (:

We are 28 days till the end of the my fundraisig journey. The money donated so far sums up to a grand total of….. $611! Woot Woot. (: That is 24% of the funds we need to raise to get all to get all our money. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has donated so far.. it means the world to me. I have been so blessed to have people like my supporters in my life whether I know them personally or not. Thank you for believing in me and in my music.

There is still time to donate for people who still would like to give to my cause. (: The link for the fundraising program is under my “Events/Store” tab. (:

Thanks a million ❤

God bless.

Love Jael


Well Well Well.

Long days of driving, but amazingly incredible times. I have been traveling a lot lately and am in Seattle right now. I am playing a show tonight with 3 other bands. The Exchange, Wavorly.. and… well the other one escaped my brain. Awkward.

Anyway. I am so excited and blessed to be able to have this opportunity and be able to be apart of this concert. As well as exciting stuff with the concert, I have been meeting with some producers and talking about doing some professional tracks with a full band feel. Happiness.(:

So thats been whats going on in my life lately.

I will keep in touch.

Love Jael.

Lets Talk about Valentine’s Day…

I am aware that it is a little late, but such a fine day as this needs to be discussed. In general I think that Valentines Day is a fantastic day created to remind us to love people and to give people flowers and chocolate to capture their hearts with things they won’t probably eat anyway. I guess chocolate could always slightly win over a heart, but somewhere within me has a hard time with this day with the constant question “why do we only have to be loving 1 day out of the whole year? What about the other 364 days of the year…? “.

I’m not saying that I hate Valentines Day, because, like I said before, Its fantastic. You get to eat chocolate and be with someone you love. What’s better than that? (:

I will be honest here and say that I have never had a Valentine nor anything given to me on Valentines Day, but. For all my fellow singles.. Do not lose heart. Im clinging to the hope that someday I will find someone who will be my Valentine for all the days to come.

Do not Lose Heart, people.


In loving Honesty,




Figuring out what you want to do with your life can be quite an overwhelming process… So far. I have failed at figuring it all out.

These past weeks have been me thinking on the future for hours at a time… What do I want to do? What can I do? College? No College? Get married? or Maybe I’ll just be single for the rest of my life with a cat hoarding disorder. These are all very rational questions whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Today, I went to the local community college to check out the opportunities I would have there. I came home the the conclusion of wanting to major in Film or graphic design (It’s all kind of artsy); it will probably change tomorrow though when I decide to live on the beaches of Hawaii with nothing but a Volkswagen van and an old no-namer guitar.  I’ll let myself pretend like I know what I want for today, because I like the thought of knowing I can dream. My life has been built upon me dreaming and it has worked out thus far, I’d say.

Dream Big. Or it’s kind of pointless…

With Love and Confusion,


January 20th, 2012

This week in my life…

Lots has been going down. I have had the opportunity to work on some of my songs and revise them as far as the instrumental parts go. It really has been an exciting process to be able to see my music come together!

Also, My music video “Unconditional” was posted a week ago on TWLOHA’s official tumblr page. It was so amazing to see all the responses to my video.. I feel like maybe I can touch peoples lives in the smallest way through that song. It’s a humbling thing to know through you, God is using you to affect people’s lives, yet really it’s not you at all.

I thank you all for your love and support.

With Love,


I am so Grateful…

It’s the day to day things that make living worth while..

I honestly can’t tell you how much it’s just the little things that keep me going… whether its talking non-sense to friends or just sitting alone in my bedroom. Its the little things that I love.. My life has been built upon the little moments and I continue to tell myself it’s also the little moments that count;  The things that shape who I am.

The future is a beautiful prospect, but also the past is a certain sort of wonderful, in it’s self.  No matter the tragedies, it still has taught us to be who we are. I am really not sure, to be quite honest, why I was feeling the need to write a post about this subject, but I think it’s something that has been on my heart.  I am so thankful about the small moments in the day, the little things people do, and the simple smiles people give, that have changed my life for the better.

I am so thankful for the support I have and the life that has been given to me though I am not deserving of such a wonderful circumstance.


Its the little things.

Love Jael.

Weekly Update… (:

January 5th, 2012


I hope you had a good holiday season! I quite enjoyed mine. Filled with lots of friends and family. I got to spend my New Years with all my friends which was awesome!

Anyway… lots has happened over this nice, little winter break. Before the break, we sent out my music video “Unconditional” to some anti-depression organizations to see if they would consider using it for one of their ads. Last night we got an email from the organization To Write Love on Her Arms asking if they could use my video on their national website! I was so excited to see the email! I have always liked TWOLHA and what it stood for. It really focuses on suicide and depression which is something I have dealt with in my own life and also something I feel like has been put on my heart. I am really excited to support TWOLHA with my music and feel so blessed to be able to share my own story through my music on their website.

I want to thank Greg, from a Nashville record label, that encouraged us to go national with this video.

In addition to that.. I am also starting to record my newest songs If Only, Stay, Breaking Point, My World in Poetry, Since you and Almost Girl, next week. So, quite exciting (:

Life has been entertaining trying to balance a part-time job, school work, ice hockey, and music, but God has it all figured out so I’m not too worried about it. (:

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love Jael.