Jael’s clear tone and accurate pitch draws us all in to her music. Her songs are lyric driven, reaching to the core of emotions that each one of us has experienced in life.  Her versatility is heard in her songs that range from pop, to blues, to hip hop to ballads.

For six years, Jael has won numerous awards for her music and vocal performances.  Although she grew up in Montana, her popularity is mainly in WA, for her over 30 shows a year she performs there, and flows throughout the United States and Canada.  She has toured extensively and has recorded two EPs and two singles,  plus appears on the albums of six other artists.  She has now released her first full length LP this summer 2016.

On a whim, Jael decided to sing in the Western Montana Texaco Country showdown in 2011. At the age of 14, she grew up singing in church, in voice recitals and at family gatherings, but she had never performed in front of 2,200 plus people and a panel of judges.  Out of 500 entries, the young songwriter in a dress and cowboy boots, playing her black guitar, won alternate for  95.9 Hank FM Country Radio with her clear vocals,  partnered with the depth of her original song writing.  Once again in 2012 she won the same title as runner up representing 95.9 FM.

It was at the country showdown that she caught the eyes and ears of one of the judges.  He has since been a significant source of promotion, inspiration and guidance for her, as she continues song writing and performing her own music.  Through his encouragement she sent one of her music videos into some national campaigns which help teens that find themselves in hopeless situations.  The result was “To Write Love On Her Arms” posting her music video and promoting it themselves to their associates and supporters.  Not only TWLOHA, but twelve other national campaigns have now posted the music video “Unconditional”.  This encouragement for Jael has spurred her on to writing and singing with an even deeper purpose and resolve still over three years later.

Jael wrote her first song when she was four years old and continued writing as she grew. Now at the age of 19, her songs and poems fill dozens of notebooks. When she was three years old she began to play the fiddle, then at the age of nine she decided to teach herself to play the guitar.  She is a gifted lyricist and musician, and although she loves to sing and perform, her greatest passion is in the writing of the music.

Jael believes music is an expression of the individual heart and soul.   Jael is able to connect well with other teens as she openly shares with them  her own life’s struggles and dreams.  Jael has been described as “a deep thinker with a tender heart, who can get a handle on the things we all feel, and can put them into words and beautiful music, writing a biography for the rest of our lives.”

Some of Jael’s most known and loved songs are “Sistine Chapel””Sidewalk”,  “Unconditional”,  “1950”, “Pretty Simple”,  “Sybil”  “Stay”,  “Everything You Need”, “Fine By Me”,  “Islands”, “Favourite Colour”  and “Kingston”. Several of these songs have been made into music videos by two talented cinematographers, Josh and Emily Brooks, from London.  On iTunes, Jael has 2 EPs, 2 singles, and one new LP.   She has written music pitched and taken by D.J. Miller and Thompson Square.

She also loves traveling.  She has been to China, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico and several European countries….her favorite places of all are Guatemala and Mexico.   Jael enjoys longboarding, ice skating, surfing and playing ice hockey.

Jael is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International and the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.

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