Kirk Stauffer. Concert musician photographer

It is such a privilege to have Kirk Stauffer once again come to a show and do some photography.  He does this free and for the love of his art. DSC_6385-BW DSC_6430-BW DSC_6460-BW DSC_6468-BW DSC_6471-BW DSC_6520-BW DSC_6535-BW DSC_6328-a DSC_6339-a DSC_6363-a DSC_6404-a DSC_6406-a DSC_6412-a DSC_6436-a DSC_6441-a DSC_6444-a DSC_6469-a DSC_6485-a DSC_6491-a DSC_6526-a DSC_6528-a DSC_6537-a DSC_6554-a DSC_6556-a