This is a term we use a lot.  But, our feeling of being at home is so dependent upon the people we love surrounding us.  A support system that is a pillar in our lives.

This week Jael came home from Mexico.  But, things were not to be as she expected.  Even the weather was an adjustment.  Processing all the changes of reverse culture shock plus stepping back into a world so familiar but strangely foreign.   People change and places have seasons.  The tossing about is something expected when returning from another culture.

Home definitely is where you feel safe.  You are loved and not alone.  Comforted when weeping and laughed at when silly.  It’s where the acceptance of who you are reigns triumphant over what you do.  The location can change but relationship is the anchor our life’s bow is connected to.

Above all home is where God has set you.  He has set your heart desires to love what He has for you ,and where you belong.