What am I listening to?

So. I am going to take some time to tell all Y’all what I have been listening to as far as music goes lately.

I have been enjoying Pierce that Veil way too much lately. So good. Parental advisory though. I wouldn’t suggest it for the children, unless you want to explain a lot of things to them.. Yeah.
Also. Ingrid Michaelson. just YES. so great. A really great acoustic option.

But yeah. Mostly been listening to Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens.

Rock & Roll. \m/

Sunshine and summer.

302876_514480115229059_855369096_n  Pretty much craving some sunshine right now.  Can’t wait to visit family in California next month.  Hoping to get to San Franciso.

Last summer:  recording, concerts and festivals.  This summer:  getting a job, hanging out with friends, learning to skate board, and sitting down by the lake.  Being normal.