People that pay it forward….

This week Jael is pretty busy in Seattle, so here goes a post from myself with a managers’ hat on.

There are so many people that have stepped forward in this last year, that, for no expectation of benefit to themselves, have been so gracious and kind to Jael.  I’m going to try to remember and thank some here…finishing up with a man that spent 8 freezing hours doing a photo shoot for her just out of the kindness of his heart.  Sean Simpson. His photos follow this post.

Greg Stevens, Rebecca Wong,  Shelly O’Donnell, John Del Favero family, Darrell Elke family, Britt Espinosa,  Percy Espinosa family, Rob Sorter, Bruce Jakola family, Robbi Perez, Chris Perez, Kirk Stauffer Photography, Klicker Photography,  ZZ Ward, House Below Productions and studio musician guys, Bryson Breakey, Lanny Black family, Ryan and Amanda, and Sean and Kyra Simpson.

Thank you

32169_10151420793419884_989067498_n 306581_10151420787024884_259946280_n 149585_4215587953899_89514743_n 72525_4215566193355_1158041591_n final cop ed (12 of 819)

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