Outcome. CreationFest.

This past week we had the privilege of playing at CreationFest NW for the Indie stage talent Search. Anddd. it was awesome. Such a great week with some reallly great people. On top of that, we also won the competition. This means that we will compete on the next level against the NE winners for the grand prize. If we win, we will be able to play main stage next year, have 3 songs recorded in a studio, and be able to play at various smaller festivals along with the title of Creation Fest Indie winner. Which is pretty cool in itself.

We will update y’all when more information comes to us. Thank you for all your support! it means the world to me. (:

Love Jael.

Creation Festival 2012

Great news!

I will be playing at Creationfest 2012 this year.  We will be playing two of our new releases, to be available for download the very day we perform.  I will be there with the  guys who not only play music with me and are close friends, but bring everything together musically.

I am scheduled to sing on FRIDAY  11:00 AM   If you are able to make it, keep your eye on the Fringe stage line up.

Britt and Jack Espinosa and Bryson Breakey  are featured on my band bio page.  Check it out!

New photos are taken by Jade Ehlers Photography.