Release of new SINGLE July 20th!

Release of new SINGLE July 20th!

Release of new SINGLE “Everything You Need”

available online on July 20th:

CD Baby, Reverbnation store, Amazon, i-tunes


In all my posts, I realize I have not mentioned one of my loyal companions on my adventures to the great unknown; my fish, Destephano. He has traveled with me from Montana to Seattle and back again….twice. Seriously, thee coolest fish I have ever had.


Lots of things changing.

As some of you may know, I am moving over to Seattle June 13th. For me personally, this has a lot to do with wanting to further my music. Plus. I am in love with Seattle. I have been since the age of.. about 11. And I am not quite sure why. I had never been there.. it was kind of a  “Oh hey, Seattle seems cool. I think I am going to live there someday.” So. moving there is kind of like checking something off thee ol’ bucket list. Needless to say, I have never been so excited.

Living in my car and completely broke, but still am exactly where I want to be. Gosh. I love my life.