This last weekend, I went to Calagry for a book release party I was playing at. My first time in Canada (which is funny because I live about an hour away from the border) was wonderful. It is so beautiful up there anddd…. the shopping was great. Lots of malls and stores and pretty things. I’m pretty sure I spent way to much money there.

Anywayyy, I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to go and play for Lee Horbachewski’s book release of “A Quiet, Strong Voice”. Thank you, again, Lee!

Love Jael

Thoughts on recording and such.

Recording= A super tiring process with an extreme payoff.

This last week in the studio was super great. I learned a lot and was able to work with some great musicians and a great producer. Also, I was able to sit in on a recording session with the band “The Exchange” which was a lot of fun as well.  (:

Again, Thank you so much for all the funds that you have donated and the prayers! They were so appreciated.

Love, Jael.