So. Much. Driving.

Being a musician, you tend to spend most the time driving. As a result, my car has become more familiar to me than my house. I have learned to love road trips however boring they may be.


Moral of the story, If you are a musican, invest in a nice car.


Love Jael.


So much to say.

I have been really busy with my music lately. A lot of traveling and playing. I have had the privledge of being able to hang out with the band “The Exchange” at a few of their concerts which has been amazingly fun. I have been able to take notes on performance and stage presence. It has been really awesome getting to know the band. They are wonderful and you should go check them out on Facebook! (:

I also have been working on and editing, some of my songs to get them ready for my recording in the studio in May. My kickstarter goal was reached and we have enough money to do the recording which has been such a blessing. I am so excited to start this amazing process and see my songs really come together!

I just want to thank all the people who gave money to be able to get the first two songs recorded! It means so much to me (:

Love Jael.