New Starts & Happy Hearts.

Spring is near.

I always see Spring as a new beginning; new things seem to happen in my life. I love this time of year. As the days get longer, opportunities arise and somewhere in my heart I find hope for something better coming along. A heart that has been glazed over by the winter frost ,coming alive again with happiness.

Music. It’s going good. Almost done with the fundraiser and still praying for miracle for the rest of our funds to come through.  I am so stoked for being able to record and produce my songs! It is awesome to see my songs become something more, and see all the little pieces come together to create something beautiful. I hope you will consider being apart of this wonderful adventure and donate. (:

Thanks again to all who have donated to my music and encourage me in this journey. It really means the world to me. (:

Love Jael.



PS-donation options are under the “events/store”  tab.



What a place to be.

I have spent my week meeting with producers, talking to them about doing a single song and also have been meeting new friends and such. (:

It has been so much fun to just come and see the music culture in this artistic rich city. It really has been wonderful. I have always enjoyed the artsy feel to the Seattle area and also to be able to be by the water.

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you to all of the people who have and are currently supporting my music. It honestly means the world to me to have such an amazing support system not only to encourage me, but also constantly remind me the place that I have come from and to keep me grounded in who I am. (:

Thanks a million.

Love, Jael.

Fundraising Update. (:

We are 28 days till the end of the my fundraisig journey. The money donated so far sums up to a grand total of….. $611! Woot Woot. (: That is 24% of the funds we need to raise to get all to get all our money. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has donated so far.. it means the world to me. I have been so blessed to have people like my supporters in my life whether I know them personally or not. Thank you for believing in me and in my music.

There is still time to donate for people who still would like to give to my cause. (: The link for the fundraising program is under my “Events/Store” tab. (:

Thanks a million ❤

God bless.

Love Jael