Well Well Well.

Long days of driving, but amazingly incredible times. I have been traveling a lot lately and am in Seattle right now. I am playing a show tonight with 3 other bands. The Exchange, Wavorly.. and… well the other one escaped my brain. Awkward.

Anyway. I am so excited and blessed to be able to have this opportunity and be able to be apart of this concert. As well as exciting stuff with the concert, I have been meeting with some producers and talking about doing some professional tracks with a full band feel. Happiness.(:

So thats been whats going on in my life lately.

I will keep in touch.

Love Jael.



I am starting a fundraising program to enable people to give, and be a part of my adventure  on the road of recording in a professional studio. I would like to record more professionally because I believe it is needed if I want to continue doing more music videos in the near future.  Thats where I am directed as of right now. I am very excited to begin this process because I know that having better audio tracks in my music videos, will give even a higher quality to the video and complete the package.

I love filming. In this day and age, film goes hand and hand with the music world, due to the use of internet and TV. I think that my videos really do touch peoples lives, judging by the feedback I have gotten. I am so overwhelmed, and yet blessed to be able to have the impact on peoples hearts through my music, and now through my videos. Its been a wonderful adventure and I am so grateful God has given me this opportunity.

The fundraising project has 39 days left for you to give! I need $2,500. to be able to record in a professional setting… really anything helps (: The site we are doing it through is wonderful. I put the link down below for you to donate funds or if you are just curious what this whole project is about. Thank you so much for all your support1 It means a lot to me. Honestly.




Ps. If the link isn’t working for you… go to my event/store tab. There is a page called “Fundraising” the link is also in there. (:

Lets Talk about Valentine’s Day…

I am aware that it is a little late, but such a fine day as this needs to be discussed. In general I think that Valentines Day is a fantastic day created to remind us to love people and to give people flowers and chocolate to capture their hearts with things they won’t probably eat anyway. I guess chocolate could always slightly win over a heart, but somewhere within me has a hard time with this day with the constant question “why do we only have to be loving 1 day out of the whole year? What about the other 364 days of the year…? “.

I’m not saying that I hate Valentines Day, because, like I said before, Its fantastic. You get to eat chocolate and be with someone you love. What’s better than that? (:

I will be honest here and say that I have never had a Valentine nor anything given to me on Valentines Day, but. For all my fellow singles.. Do not lose heart. Im clinging to the hope that someday I will find someone who will be my Valentine for all the days to come.

Do not Lose Heart, people.


In loving Honesty,