Figuring out what you want to do with your life can be quite an overwhelming process… So far. I have failed at figuring it all out.

These past weeks have been me thinking on the future for hours at a time… What do I want to do? What can I do? College? No College? Get married? or Maybe I’ll just be single for the rest of my life with a cat hoarding disorder. These are all very rational questions whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Today, I went to the local community college to check out the opportunities I would have there. I came home the the conclusion of wanting to major in Film or graphic design (It’s all kind of artsy); it will probably change tomorrow though when I decide to live on the beaches of Hawaii with nothing but a Volkswagen van and an old no-namer guitar.  I’ll let myself pretend like I know what I want for today, because I like the thought of knowing I can dream. My life has been built upon me dreaming and it has worked out thus far, I’d say.

Dream Big. Or it’s kind of pointless…

With Love and Confusion,


One thought on “Life..”

  1. Dear Jael,

    Nell Johnson posted your “Unconditional” video on
    The words are absolutely beautiful and so powerful. I have spent some time listening to your other songs. You truly are a gifted young lady WOW…

    Where are you from?

    Thank you for being a voice for so many teens that need a positive role model: authentic, the courage to share your truth through your music, and brave enough to share your feelings.

    I would love to learn more about you.

    Hugs & Love

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