Making of “Pretty Simple” music video.

This little album is the making of my music video “Pretty Simple” (: It was super fun to make because I got to sing and hang out with my best friends all day… what better than that? Anyway, the schools that we filmed were my actual high school and middle school buildings. The bus scene was filmed in the bus I rode to school for my Freshman year and then the classroom was my 8th grade History classroom. I’ve always wanted to film a video in my school. It was kind of a music career goal of mine.. I know, kind of a lame goal for all my music career. Thanks to Kaycie Osterday, Sage Tala, Stonewall Johnson, Derek Vanderark, Mike Vanarendonk, Travis Beagley, Austin Hinkle, Eric West, Christian Inabnit, Bryan Peterson, Anna Stone, Sierra Hanson, Leesha Stoner and Dani Stoner for helping my with filming and being Wonderful friends!!

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