Jael Johnson.

A little Hello.


Welcome to my Music Site. I am Jael Johnson; A fresh face to the Country music world, I would say.  I am fifteen years old and live in Kalispell, Montana.  The genre I write and sing within is mainly new country and acoustic pop.

I like music a lot, Diet Coke, Traveling and Taylor Swift. I’m kind of a dreamer.. it just sort came to me at an early age that I could escape the concrete-ness of reality by pretending I was something or somewhere else. Pretending was kind of the building blocks of what I am today.  I always dreamt of being a singer or something crazy like that… I guess thats what has given me the drive to pursue music with such determination.  A dream of a child.  Although no one really thought I could make it anywhere, and I myself had doubts…but, my music career seems to be unveiling itself  in front  of me as I watch from afar…absolutely breathless.

I think that I started singing at a young age… wrote my first song when I was about four years old; it was called “Copper Pot Ponies” it was so legit. All through my childhood, I used my music to express my heart and to prove to people that they were wrong about me. Especially when I was young, I was made fun of quite a lot; I always thought that I was way different than the other girls. I found through time that music was away to show people who I am in such a beautiful way that there was no chance for them to make fun of me for it. Within music, I could be different, but in a completely wonderful way.

When I hit the about 13 years old, I started to write about love and the feeling of being in love, yet still going unnoticed by the boy. It’s an awkward predicament that always tends to happen to me. Since the age of 13, I have also been able to experience  heartbreak, which has been the foundation of some of my most well known songs. Don’t get me wrong, getting my heart broken sucked, but I am also glad that it happened also. Through the pain, it has made me stronger not only emotionally, but also as a songwriter and musician. I often look back on my old love songs and think about how times have changed.  They have kept a record of my life.

Well, there is a little intro, I guess. Hope you enjoy my music and videos. (:

Love, Jael.

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