I’ve been on quite a few radio interviews and shows now.

This week was my first local interview and playing of my music.  The station is still playing my songs.  Something about doing it in the hometown and hearing it on local radio is cool, though.

Maybe gave a bit too much info about one of my songs, but hey,  no secrets when you sing your life’s bio to everyone out there.

Something To Work For. Inspired in Los Angeles. New logo.

I just returned from Los Angeles where i was able to record tracks for  my upcoming EP.    I was more than inspired and encouraged by the friends I made there and the community of musicians.  My producer, Dylan Bauld,  was an incredible person to work with and if I have my way, I will continue to produce my music in the future with him.  Also with Dylan, was Zach Grace who did some great vocals and guitar parts for my songs.

I was also able to meet up with friends Jade and Kaitlyn Ehlers who are always cool to hang out with.  Jade was able to take some EP cover photos for me.

I’m excited about my new sound, renewed vision and clear set goals on how to get where I want to be.


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